74 Santa Clarita open houses to be held this weekend 2017 070-071

When you arrive at SantaClaritaOpenHouses.com first click on the Watch This First video in the menu.

I, Connor Macivor, will walk you through who we are and how we operate our Santa Clarita open house team.

With tips on how to act at open houses and when viewing new homes, what personal information not to give up and why and how we can help you fulfill all of your real estate needs.

This weekend in Santa Clarita open houses – We currently have 74 real estate listings which are going to be held open by some sort of real estate agent.

Snapshot of Santa Clarita open houses scheduled for this weekend

Either the agent with the actual real estate listing, the agent who knows the listing agent, another agent from their team or a realtor who is a member of one of their networking groups.

Some of the Santa Clarita Valley open houses are going to have a long time on market being held open out of desperation or due to a recent price reduction.

Other Santa Clarita open houses are going to be newly listed for sale with the agents wanting to monopolize their first showings.

Make sure the open house you are viewing is really for sale and that there are no offers being countered or having counters out. Some agents host open houses as a means to gain and generate leads of potential sellers and buyers of real estate.

If you are in the market to hire a real estate agent, great. If you have your very own trusted real estate professional go into the open house with the attitude of a 007 agent, without killing anyone of course.

I’m Connor with the Santa Clarita open house team and glad to be of service.