Open House Dangers for real estate buyers

Open house games watch out for buyersWe are speaking to the real estate buyers which are already represented. In some cases, the agent’s hosting the open house will be relentless when approaching you. Even it you make it clear you are working with a Realtor.

Even if you name your Realtor and give the your Realtor’s Card.  They will be like an unstoppable rebel force in attempting to acquire your business.

However, you don’t have to put up with it. Do what our clients do – call your realtor and have them call the agent hosting the open house who is all inside of your business 🙂

Let your agent make that call. Trust me, they will love you for it. At the conclusion of the phone call between your agent and the high pressure, cannot take no for an answer, real estate agent – you will see a world of difference.

It’s unfortunate, No should Mean No – but in sales – No means there could be a chance – so some of the “unethical and high pressure” sales people continue forward without conscience.

Enjoy todays Open House episode for real estate brought to you by my Housing Radio team HQ’d in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. I’m Glad to be of service and I will look forward in speaking when you are ready.


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  1. Unless a home’s selling price has been slashed or another major change has occurred since its initial open house, sellers might want to rethink holding multiple open houses. The initial open house is the seller’s opportunity to announce that the house is on the 00000273 market and the real estate agent’s responsibility to attract a large number of buyers to the home. Additional open houses can make a seller appear desperate, says sellers’ agent Gary Rogers, and suggests to buyers that there’s little interest in the property and few, if any, offers.

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